Plotting 'til I'm Braindead

It's been a busy time! I've been writing a few character portraits to get myself into their heads and a feeling for their voices. Well, at least that was the plan. Now I’ve accidentally written a 3,000 word anti-war short story that I think might actually be publishable. It’s definitely the best thing I’ve written this year, and it made me ridiculously happy, so happy that afterwards my mood dropped to the floor and I seriously questioned my ability to finish this novel. Life is strange like that, right? But I'm on my feet again and plotting like my life depends on it. Which can give you terrible headaches, but I love drawing charts and mind-maps.
Youtube Video Image
I've also been busy starting a youtube channel, which is the other thing I've wanted to do forever, but never got around to (*cough* had the guts *cough*). The first video Culture Clash Karaoke is already up, wherein my friend Paul and I exchange German and Australian terms, and then end up just talking about a lot of random shit. But he's a funny guy, so check it out!

Something else I discovered: A page that tells you which author you write like
It might not be accurate, but it said “Chuck Palahniuk” for most of the stuff I copied in, and that made me happy. Apparently I also write like Cory Doctorow, I’ve got to read his stuff now. That's how you advertise :D


Change is Good

Those who know me also know that the last time I was here, at 16, it was pretty difficult for me. I was going to a private school in Chiba for 8 months. 4 months I stayed at the dorms, and 4 months I was taken in by families of different classmates. They were really friendly, but because in Japan students have to stay in school until 4 o’clock and go to a cram school in the evening, and do homework at night (crazy, I know), I was left with a lot of spare time on my hands. And I got lonely. The thing I experienced was that most Japanese people have a different view on friendships than I do. For me, I feel like I’m not friends with someone before I know all their dirty secrets. While in Japan, I get the impression it’s more about having experiences together, and the way foreigners behave can be perceived as over-sharing. Although when I think back to the best experiences of my life so far, they usually revolve around meaningful conversations, rather than simply having fun (who would want to have fun, really? :P) So when I had to sit through 7 hours of lessons every day, of which I didn’t understand much, and hang around on my own, unable to connect to people, I got frustrated and depressed pretty quickly.